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What MEISSNER LT is doing to ensure the safety of the passengers?

We provide our drivers all necessary guidelines and check whether they align with them.

The  measures of the driver and vehicle requirements.

Drivers are required to:

  • wear a face mask

  • greet customers with a bow instead of a handshake

  • not perform a ride if they feel unwell

  • wash and sanitise their hands before and after every trip

  • keep the 1.5-metre distance


Vehicles have to be disinfected after each ride.

The drivers additionally offer single-use wipes and hand sanitisers in our cars. Wherever we can, we offer a plexiglass separator between the front and the back seats.

What do you base your safety measures on?

The measures we take are all only based on two streams of viable sources: World Health Organization guidelines and the interim measures and laws that are being implemented by the governments of the countries where we operate.

Can I still book rides in all of your locations?

Nearly. Our drivers operate wherever it is possible. This means that the only cities we had previously been present in and temporarily we are not, are the ones where local laws locked down the whole cities and implemented hard restrictions on transport.

Do you offer non-airport transfers?

Of course! Our drivers can pick you up from nearly every spot.

Can I use your service as a long-distance ride?

Yes. We offer long-distance city-to-city transportation which is subject to a longer cancellation policy.

Do the drivers assist with luggage?

In the current epidemiological situation, it is better that the drivers do not touch your belongings. Therefore, if you have a bigger luggage, the driver will open the trunk for you, but we would kindly ask you to put the baggage and take it out by yourself.

I need to book a van -- is your fleets’ capacity the same or reduced?

Our capacity remains the same and we can accommodate any of your needs -- whether it be SUV or Sedan, or any other vehicle we had offered before the pandemic.

However, for safety reasons, please remember to book taking into account the actual number of passengers. Try to keep the norms of max. 2 people in a Sedan and max. 4 people in a van.

My travel plans changed due to the pandemic, how can I cancel my ride?

Please consult “How can I cancel a booking?”. If you have any more questions or doubts,, email us at or contact us by phone at +49 172 3464615.

If you are looking for a safe transport solution for your employees, please reach out to


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